my name is Karolis.
I'm your web guy.

A little something about me

My name is Karolis and I am currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I've been developing websites for quite some time now and gained lots of experience in the field. Previously was working for some local companies as a programmer/web developer, now I'm a full time freelancer.


Web is what I do. I can offer website design, development, server installation and configuration services. I choose WordPress. I can help you develop themes, plugins, create sites from scratch, convert PSDs to HTML, basically anything that falls under the term 'web development'. HTML email templates is no problem. HTML5 banners - you got it. Got an extraordinary project? Lets talk! tags: php, vanillajs, angular, jquery, css, less, sass, html, git, vagrant, sql, redis, gulp, composer, nginx, apache, wordpress, opencart, cms made simple, impresspages

Open Source

A Couple of small open source WordPress plugins I've released:

Geo Targeted Posts

This plugin adds an option to choose which countries are allowed to see the post. Based on Geo Location user will or will not see the post in list pages. If restricted post is accessed directly then a 404 error page is returned. More info here.

WooCommerce Coupon Schedule

This plugin replaces default coupon expiry field with dedicated tab where fields for setting coupon validity start date and time along with expiry date and time are shown. New “Valid from” column is added to coupons list in admin panel and “Expiry date” column is tweaked to show expiry time. More info here.

Not-so-ordinary projects

ATM game

ATM game #1

The idea here was to create a trivia game where player is presented with series of questions and can choose one of the four answers by pressing the corresponding button.

My role: Technical realisation
Client: Swedbank

Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune game #1

Wheel of fortune game for a fresh opened store in Kaunas, Lithuania. When a client spends more than X euros in the store, he/she gets to spin the wheel, which is on a big monitor, by pressing the big red button. Client gets the prize based on where the wheel stopped.

My role: Technical realisation
Client: Senukai

Web Projects

Here is a sort list of projects I have recently worked on. Check it out!

neptunas.lv logo

Client: neptunas.lv

Description:Infosite for mineral drinking water Neptūnas (in Latvian)

My role: WP, javascript, css, html
Live site here.


Client: instrukcijatevams.lt

Description:Website and ticketing system for internet safety seminar.

My role: Ticketing system, WP, javascript, css, html
Live site here.

ooosom.lt logo

Client: ooosom.lt

Unique local events with a taste of patriotism. This is ongoing project.

My role: Technical realisation, psd to WP, server installation & configuration.
Live site here.

Nimbus Consulting logo

Client: Nimbus Consulting

Website for an IT consulting agency based in USA.

My role: Technical realisation, psd to WP.
Live site here.

Love Agency logo

Client: Love Agency

A portfolio for local marketing agency.

My role: Technical realisation, bug fixes.
Live site here.

Box2Day logo

Client: Box2Day

Website for moving company based in DK.

My role: Technical realisation, psd to WP.
Live site here.

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